BMW X3 reverse and brake light LED bulb replacement

X3 with LED front and rear lights

My latest project for the X3 reverse involved switching all the turn signals out to LED lights. I upgraded the X3 reverse lights to LEDs as well, and wrote up the procedure to do it yourself below.

That gap between the tailgate and plastic interior cover is where you need to make your attack

That gap between the tailgate and plastic interior cover is where you need to make your attack

How to get at the lights inside the tailgate of your BMW X3

The biggest factor to accessing the X3 reverse and brake lights in the X3 tailgate is having the right tool. I highly recommend this trim tab removal tool I purchased on since there are close to a dozen plastic tabs you need to unsnap to access the tailgate lights. I purchased the tool, then opened the tailgate in my garage to a point that made it easy to access the gap between the outer tailgate and interior plastic cover.

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How to add a wireless bridge network connection to your Uverse router for under $30

Wireless Bridge example

If your entertainment system is anything like mine, at least one of your devices can be networked. We have a Samsung LED TV with built in wireless, but we also have an older XBOX, a DirecTV HR34-700 receiver, and our Pioneer 1021K receiver. The last three devices only have ethernet network support by default, and there is no easy way to get a network cable to their location. You could spend upward of $75 just to add wireless support to one of these devices, but ideally it makes sense to plug all these devices into a wireless bridge that connects to your home’s Internet router. We have Uverse and DSL at our house, and I found it difficult to find an inexpensive wireless bridge solution that would play nice with our 2Wire 3600HGV. After digging further, I found a great solution to connect all three devices to my router via a wireless bridge, and it cost me only $20. If you are looking for a similar solution, you found the right article.

An ordinary WLAN router that’s been turned into a super router

My basic router that I turned into a super router

The Cisco Linksys E1000

Where do I start?

There are certainly inexpensive wireless bridges out there like these found on Amazon. But be careful, some of these won’t be compatible with your router, and others require you buy a pair of devices – one that plugs into your router via ethernet cable and the other you plug your devices into. That’s a lot of configuration headache, my approach requires you only buy one device and I can confirm it works with our Uverse 2Wire 3600 router.

The solution: Purchase an inexpensive WLAN (wireless) router that supports DD-WRT...

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So what is Facebook building? Graph search

Actions you can do on Facebook

Today Facebook’s big announcement is around search. Specifically, Facebook has introduced something called graph search beta (link below has a video that will explain more):

Graph search beta

Here are some examples of how graph search beta can be used:

* Natural language search: “Who are my friends in San Francisco” would immediately pull up a list of your friends in SF
* Example of looking for someone to watch Game of Thrones with: He (Mark Z) typed in ‘game of Thrones’ and all of his friends who liked Game of Thrones showed up, ranked by who was most important to him
* For Photos: pics can be ranked by what photos have the most likes, based on people most important to you
* Meeting new people: to look for friends of friends with common interests

More information including live bloggi...

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Pioneer VSX 1021 K Audio Video Receiver review

Front stock image of the VSX 1021 K
Pioneer VSX 1021 receiver

Reviewed by:
Chris Thompson,
Lots of features, HDMI switching and tweaking, iPad/iPhone/iPod control over the network and wiring adapter included, Bluetooth optional

If you can get this receiver for a good price, it’s well worth it. Might be overkill or a lot to learn at first.

4 of 5

The Pioneer VSX 1021 K. It’s got a lot of technology built in, and a lot of functionality – but is it worth the $550 price tag? Let’s start peeling back the layers and find out.

First, our original VSX 1201 k was giving us a UE 33 error. We purchased from NewEgg using a coupon code from The final price was good, but this was my first return to NewEgg so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My return was approved immediately and an RMA code was issued online automatically. Shipping to me both times was free, but I had to foot the return bill of roughly $18 to send it back. It was well worth it because the replacement model works fine and doesn’t show the UE33 error. This seems to be the only way to fix the UE33 error, because when I contacted Pioneer support, they indicated it would need professional service. The old receiver was also never keeping updates, whether I updated by USB or network connection. The replacement model already had the newest firmware installed, another good sign we could trust this replacement.

The only solution I found to the UE33 error was to return the unit for a replacement. Now almost a year later, I’ve had no issues
Our Pioneer VSX 1021 k showing the UE33 error

Installation and setup of the VSX 1021 K

We have a small living room with a standard 5...

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