So what is Facebook building? Graph search

Actions you can do on Facebook

Today Facebook’s big announcement is around search. Specifically, Facebook has introduced something called graph search beta (link below has a video that will explain more):

Graph search beta

Here are some examples of how graph search beta can be used:

* Natural language search: “Who are my friends in San Francisco” would immediately pull up a list of your friends in SF
* Example of looking for someone to watch Game of Thrones with: He (Mark Z) typed in ‘game of Thrones’ and all of his friends who liked Game of Thrones showed up, ranked by who was most important to him
* For Photos: pics can be ranked by what photos have the most likes, based on people most important to you
* Meeting new people: to look for friends of friends with common interests

More information including live blogging about the event can be found here (courtesy of Mashable)

This appears to be in private beta for now, you can learn more and sign up for the private beta here. Doing a search in Facebook’s search box today (1/15/2013) won’t be any different, you need to be included in the beta before it will be available (not sure when this will be yet). More to come soon…