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BMW X3 fan noise fix

The BMW X3 fan blower separated from the white mounting plate

I’m happy to say the most annoying sound in the world is finally fixed. If you had the same problem as me, your interior HVAC fan would make a tiny, annoying squeal or squeak or cricket sound or noise or whatever you want to call it when on the lowest two or three speeds. It wouldn’t always squeak, but when it did it was annoying, especially since the car is usually so quiet and refined. All good news here, it was a quick fix and I did it for free. You’ll be happy once you too eliminate your BMW X3 fan noise.

Unfortunately – I still have the issue. It turns out the true fix for this issue is photo documented here. Some threads talk about servicing the CPU fan located behind the driver’s side footwell, but this is not the noisy fan...

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