Pioneer VSX 1021 K Audio Video Receiver review

Front stock image of the VSX 1021 K

Here’s the AS-BT 200 Bluetooth adapter and box
Pioneer AS-BT 200 bluetooth wireless adapter, This unit plugs into the back of your Pioneer amplifier, mine is a 1021-k.

The Bluetooth adapter

The AS-BT 200 Bluetooth adapter does a nice job if you want to play music from your Bluetooth audio device without wires. I have an iPhone 4S and was able to send my audio to the receiver when the receiver is set to the “wireless adapter” function. Your Bluetooth device actually can’t discover the receiver unless he receiver is set to the wireless adapter function. In my opinion, you can skip this option unless you plan on playing music wirelessly. You can’t use the iOS apps over Bluetooth which was a disappointment, but once I hooked up my wireless bridge, my VSX 1021 K is always connected to my home network now.

I thought it would be worth noting that I sold my AS-BT 200 after I networked the receiver using my homemade wireless bridge. The wireless bridge solution is way better, it’s just as easy to use Apple’s Airplay to remotely play your iPhone over the wireless network. Plus you can use the other iOS apps Pioneer makes like the iControl remote control. You don’t have a Bluetooth adapter sticking out of the back of your receiver with this solution, it’s just better in my opinion.

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