How much do Uber drivers make?

Not too long ago I signed up to be an Uber driver to see what it was like. I had a good experience, and while I enjoy driving and writing up reviews, I also like getting paid. You might be interested in making some side money driving for a ride service like Uber or Lyft and are asking, how much Uber drivers make? Keep reading as I go over my experience getting paid by Uber and some of the costs also associated with driving.

Fare Income from driving for Uber

First, lets look at the fares I had on my Saturday driving for Uber. My first fare John was around four miles, took about 10 minutes and I collected around $13. My second ride was around 53 miles, took 50 minutes, and I collected about $99. Uber closes their books for the week Tuesday mornings at midnight. It then takes a few days for your payment to be calculated and direct deposited to your account (Uber doesn’t do checks). I was paid on time Thursday about $89.80 – Uber took ~19%. That’s great for a couple hours work right? Well you need to consider your costs as well before you get too excited.

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Black car and Uber logo

Cool black car with the Uber logo behind it

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