How much do Uber drivers make?

Then there are the Costs

Let’s not even consider the cost of water you’re encouraged to provide your riders. First you have gas and wear and tear on your car. I had to drive home after driving up to the city, and that was more gas out of my tank. Those are the obvious costs but then there are other costs I didn’t anticipate. For example, you need to get a $25 car inspection within your first 30 days as an Uber driver. In addition, Uber sent me the iPhone for free and has been waiving the $10/week AT&T cell service fee while Uber grows and recruits drivers. That cost alone might be the tipping point that sidelines my driving career if Uber stops waiving that fee. Then you have speeding tickets, slow days, and all sorts of other costs cab drivers are all too familiar with. All those costs take a big bite out of your profits, so what’s the actual money take home for an Uber driver?

where to put the illuminated uber light when driving in california

In California, a hired Uber vehicle should always have the Uber light illuminated on the passenger side of the windshield as shown

Bottom Line, how much do Uber Drivers make?

It depends. If you don’t mind the downtime between calls and the potential drive back doesn’t bother you, you probably can net between $10 – $45/hour. I made $45/hour gross for the two hours I drove Saturday (considering the time it took to drive back home), and could have made more if I stayed longer in the city. Don’t forget there is also surge pricing, which I haven’t taken advantage of, that can significantly increase those rates. If you want to make Uber driving your full time gig, you will have some slow days and downtime. Be prepared to slip below what minimum wage pays some days. And some days will be long and profitable, taking in hundreds potentially. This BI article has similar conclusions which my experience corroborated. It also helps your margin to have an efficient car, which my X3 (24 MPG highway) is only so so.

I hope this information has been useful, I definitely plan on finalizing my inspection and doing some driving for the 49er’s first season in Santa Clara. Surge pricing – here I come!

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