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Top 10 Billionaires

Collage of the 10 best billionaires

The elite, short list of world billionaires. Such an exclusive club, as of this publishing there were less than 1,600 members in a world of over 7 billion souls. Billionaires are interesting because they are scarce and live a lifestyle they can afford to cloak in mystery. The billionaires that interest me most are the self made billionaires. They are smart, but not necessarily in the highest IQ tiers. So if it isn’t smarts, what is it that has enabled self made billionaires to bend reality to their will? I will dive further into this subject and talk a little about why each member makes the cut. This list may change with time, but as of today, here are my choices for Chris’ top 10 billionaires list.

Chris’ Top 10 Billionaires list:

10. Scott Cook

scott cook photo intuit

Scott Cook, founder of Intuit (phot...

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